February 17, 2017 Wired Staff

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Moment founder Marc Barros joins us to talk about what it’s like to design and sell smartphone accessories. The post Just a Moment appeared first on WIRED. Source: Wired

February 17, 2017 Christopher Null

Braun’s Series 9 electric razor Maria Lokke/WIREDBeards are all the rage right now, but for the baby-faced, facial hair just looks wrong. Photos of my misguided mid-’90s goatee back this up. But just because you might want a hairless chin doesn’t mean you want bother of shaving with a razor….

February 17, 2017 Tim Moynihan

Mattel introduced its first Barbie doll way back in 1959, and she’s found herself at the center of cultural controversy ever since. To her credit, she keeps adapting to the times.Today she is actually several Barbies, a gang of dolls more diverse and less infuriating in terms of body proportions. And she’s…